What makes the internet go round
Made by Jim Benton.
What makes the internet go round
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NonBelieber (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Justine Bieber is a cow!
ASDF (2 Apr, 2013)
Well, I guess you are right..
Wrong! (3 Apr, 2013)
Cows can't sing like a girl.
Ice cream! (6 Apr, 2013)
The Bluebell cow could.
Gravdigr (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Scarlett has some nice udders.
I can't wait til Scarlett sees how I defended her.
Scarlett Johansson (2 Apr, 2013)
Go dig a hole and throw yourself in it.
hawt internet action (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Unfortunately, the only way to get feedback on the internet is to go over the top trolling. Or misspell a word.
brit_girl (11 Apr, 2013)
or have terrible grammer, ha!
Admiral... (3 Apr, 2013) Reply
As you can see, this is how the trap works...
Heywood Jablome (5 Apr, 2013) Reply
. . . & cows don't type.
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