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Jokes about German sausage are the wurst!
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Grammar Nazi (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
I'm deeply offended!
Yinzer (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
ha! Great restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA. I did a double take when I saw the restaurant name
drescherjm (2 Apr, 2013)
Yes. That's is absolutely the one at Pitt. I have had a few lunches there.
The Man (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
I once attended something called "The Wurst Party."
Hetfield 4 Evah (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Gimme fuel
Gimme fuddle
Gimme that
Which I desuddle
Germane (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
That's funny, actually.
German Sausages Are The Wurst (3 Apr, 2013)
...well, thank you...
Basho the Sneed (2 Apr, 2013) Reply
Why does Eatliver write the damn caption in the title? What's the point of posting the picture if you have already displayed the joke? Is it really that hard to come up with an original title?
Every time they do this I stop feeling guilty about using Adblock.
LandLord (3 Apr, 2013)
You sound like a total jerk.
faroutman (3 Apr, 2013)
Hey Basho, I have a simple solution to your problem; just gtfo.
Germanicus (8 Apr, 2013) Reply
ok that's it i declarE WELTKRIEG III.
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