Book sale! Only $1.29!
Will the world end in 2012? Buy this book and find out!
Book sale! Only $1.29!
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first (25 Mar, 2013) Reply
yes, it will
LandLord (25 Mar, 2013) Reply
Spoiler alert! ... NO!
Logic (25 Mar, 2013) Reply
IF: The world ended in 2012, and
IF: There's no one left because the world ended,
THEN: Why charge $1.29 for the book?
-> To whom does the money go?
D'oh (25 Mar, 2013)
All profits go to our new master Lord Cthullu.
The Man (25 Mar, 2013)
Cthulhu is no match for Lord Azathoth and his flute playing minions.
M. Logical (25 Mar, 2013)
IF: the world ended, there is no more book and certainly no more $1.29/// your name is logic?
Chicago (25 Mar, 2013) Reply
Does anybody really know what time it is?
The Man (25 Mar, 2013)
Does anyone really care?
cool kid (25 Mar, 2013)
Rorrim (26 Mar, 2013) Reply
The World did end. That is Canadian dollars. Welcome to the alternate universe.
Noah (26 Mar, 2013) Reply
You people forget your recent history. Don't remember that the world blew up on schedule on 12/21/2012 and we all had to get abord the space ark and come to this planet? Don't you remember the controversy and that they finally decided not to inform the ignorant masses?
Masses (26 Mar, 2013)
Nobody told me...
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