A sudden realization
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what a surprise (22 Mar, 2013) Reply
and he thought he was a raid boss with epic loot
Clueless Tim (22 Mar, 2013) Reply
Alright, I'll be the first one to ask... What is NPC?
iivs (22 Mar, 2013)
non-player character
No (22 Mar, 2013)
Cluemore Jim (22 Mar, 2013)
non player character i think, but it might be non persuasive customer, or some other unfunny joke...
LogiC (22 Mar, 2013)
Used in gaming a lot, it stands for "non-player character". It is used to denote any entity that isn't played by a human, or sometimes more specifically characters in the game that you interact with in a more meaningful way that killing (so quest givers, shopkeepers, random people/creatures you can talk to, random "townsperson" characters, etc would all be NPCs.
Stupid Answers (22 Mar, 2013)
An NPC is a Non-Player character usually found in video games. They are pretty much any character that isn't the player. Like the subservient shop keeper.
Or your local Burger King employee.
watchit (22 Mar, 2013)
I am thinking a Non Player Character - someone who really does not have a role in the action
GenX (22 Mar, 2013)
I think it stands for a non-player character. Sometimes it is known as a non-person character or non-playable character, in a game is any character not controlled by a player. In electronic games, this usually means a character controlled by the computer through artificial intelligence
watchit (22 Mar, 2013)
I'd put "In electronic games, this usually means a character controlled by the computer through artificial intelligence." in quotes as that comes directly from wiki
Grimmace (23 Mar, 2013)
You know.... there is this little thing called 'Google,' right? It's really good for answering questions.
Redundancy is Redundant (23 Mar, 2013)
I think it means non player character.
bro (25 Mar, 2013)
lemme see... it means non-playable char. yep!
Herp Derpington (23 Mar, 2013) Reply
All these guys are wrong, it means non-player character.
swag (24 Mar, 2013)
thx for clearing that up
nodding (24 Mar, 2013) Reply
This modern age ...the places I have to come to in order to get an education! Glad I didn't die before!!
Blah (24 Mar, 2013) Reply
Dead end job reference. NPC is seen as {somewhat unimportant, Not being a player or a part of the story.} such as a shop keeper in a game, or a random character with pre-assigned speach and actions to add effect to an environment in a game/ DEAD END job worker. *depressingly funny*
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