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Test1 (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
Was about to mention republicans, but this is for politicians in general, country of origin isn't relevant.
LogiC (18 Mar, 2013)
Yeah. Democracy works nicely because the parties constantly fight each other. The energy they spend fighting each other causes a lot of bureaucratic waste and slow progress but but lowers corruption a lot because everyone that stands to gain from calling them out will. Democracy is broken in the US because of unlimited campaign contributions from corporations. If they buy out both sides then it isn't democracy any more. This political debate about which side is better in the US is stupid. The only difference between the two parties there is Democrats pretend to care.
the truth sayer (18 Mar, 2013)
But America isnt a democracy. It is a republic.
But ya this represents politicians perfectly.
Banner (18 Mar, 2013)
MEDIA. Guess you like to jump to conclusions rather than read. Your assumption says much about you.
@truth sayer (18 Mar, 2013)
The US are both a Republic, which implies a form of State, and a Democracy, which relates to the form of government and how/if the country has its representatives chosen by the People.
Cambrius (23 Mar, 2013)
Seconded. And well put. It always amazes me that certain Americans quote this nonsense thinking that it will make them seem thoughtful and well-read when it really makes them seem gullible and illiterate.
Ogoboso (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
I'm always amazed when I'm the first one here.
so you are (18 Mar, 2013)
Not very amazed today huh?
Railroad (19 Mar, 2013)
I'm not amazed that your are not the first here
404 error (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
not funny, but true
Tell me (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
Do I hate the media or the candidate? Which one is the bad guy?
WRONG (18 Mar, 2013) Reply
They forgot the tele-prompters.
keggar (19 Mar, 2013) Reply
The ears should be more rounded and lower on Obama's face.
Railroad (20 Mar, 2013)
Unfortunatly... (23 Mar, 2013)'s not just 'bama, it's alll of them.
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