April Fools' Day Facebook prank
Facebook should switch the status update box and the search box...
April Fools' Day Facebook prank
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Ruudis (13 Mar, 2013) Reply
I've done it a few times. though i always see the mistake in a short while
Old Guy (13 Mar, 2013) Reply
FB... work of the Devil. Use tumblr instead.
The Real Old Guy (9 Dec, 2013)
FB and tumblr and all social media is work of the Devil and the Fake Old Guy can go to the ...
MIKES (13 Mar, 2013) Reply
If you scroll up and down, it appears as if the red arrow moves left and right.
Oblio (13 Mar, 2013)
Not so, red arrow appears to move up and down.
weakling (13 Mar, 2013) Reply
I'm typing just first 2-3 letters and then click on desired search result
Boring (13 Mar, 2013) Reply
fakebook. Blah...
99statuses (16 Mar, 2013) Reply
This is really one of the biggest april fool for the ones who will try to make their friends fool by april fool facebook status
TDKB (17 Mar, 2013) Reply
Screw you, I have all my stalkees bookmarked...
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