You are different
Minnesota State University ad.
You are different
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Hipsterish Techaddict (23 Feb, 2013) Reply
I bet only few people have noticed this sign thus far.
Ignore this (23 Feb, 2013)
What sign?
Suspicious bystandered (11 Jun, 2013)
Well, what did he take it with?
Grammar (23 Feb, 2013) Reply
Your're Your're Your're
It's obvious (23 Feb, 2013)
What did you expect? It's from a place of "Higher Learning."
Herp (23 Feb, 2013)
@Grammar (23 Feb, 2013)
Trolling much, are we?
Mr Sprinkles (23 Feb, 2013)
Proofreading must be a thing of the past. Such shoddy workmanship these days.
Who was phone? (23 Feb, 2013) Reply
Technically he is, because he snapped this picture with his phone.
teczombie (23 Feb, 2013) Reply
Seeing this eatliverpage on my smartphone, it's kind of a paradoxon.
Seebyscut (24 Feb, 2013) Reply
It's YOU'RE. A contraction for YOU ARE. Not a contraction for YOUR ARE.
trhall (21 Dec, 2013) Reply
If you think about it this photo is probably mad with a phone
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