The real villain
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you (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
Yeah, like after school programs have actually done something, so far...
Liberals and their fairy tales... They're children with a credit card, basically.
troll of trolls (20 Feb, 2013)
I disagree with your political views.
Dang (20 Feb, 2013)
I disagree with his existence.
Droll of Drolls (20 Feb, 2013)
How can you disagree with you's political views? You wrote them! You can't disagree with you. You are you.
See, this is why nobody likes politics.
Mises (25 Feb, 2013)
And this relates to liberalism exactly how?
Boy Wonder (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
Spineless bitch! How about "during school" programs like teaching real education? Leave my Man alone.
Techer (20 Feb, 2013)
We duz tech dem wot Hiz xelency Bareack Obuma sez we do.
Idontlikenothing (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
Poor Grammar (20 Feb, 2013)
Does that mean you do like some things?
Nobody (21 Feb, 2013)
I'm not too fond of nothing either
Bruce (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
I gotta be me!
Robin (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
Hey, we got some good movies and a campy 60's TV show out of it. Also, I'm offended by this comic.
Ponder (20 Feb, 2013) Reply
Is it bad that I half expected it to be an Obama joke (redundant)?
Nowyouknow (21 Feb, 2013) Reply
If people would protect themselves we would never need fake superheroes to be safe
winterhog (25 Feb, 2013) Reply
Is it me, or Batman was fighting supervillains and terrorists no one else was able to stop (thus allowing government to re-direct part of defense and policing funds to, say, education) and Wayne Industries was actively supporting the development of Gotham City (what usually causes the crime level to drop) through its politics and charity when Bruce was still a child? Just saying...
On the other hand, equipping and training black-ops private military/police organization would be a nice move. Oh, wait...
You (13 Jan, 2014) Reply
Batman is good. People are stipud
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