So I'm over at this party...
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... (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
1985 called, he wants his comic back
ME (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
This has gone over my head. I don't get it at all - explain anyone?
@ME (15 Feb, 2013)
So, you see, this green turtle says "hi" to the two red turtles who are conversing near the edge of a cliff. Then the green turtle proceeds to walk off the cliff! Much to the amusement of the red turtles and, I might add, to the lucky readers of this fine comic! You're welcome!
Anon (15 Feb, 2013)
In the ols NES mario brothers.
Green turtles in Mario didn't turn around at the end of a platform, they just fell off.
Red turtles turned around and always stayed on the same platform.
Mario Party (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
Do you know the Game??
Dictator (15 Feb, 2013)
No, but I've got a party you (and everyone) should join.
BurningDogFace (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
If I remember correctly, the manual for the original Super Mario Bros. said that the red ones turned around because they were cowards, while the green ones were bold and courageous, but this comic is the way everyone I knew actually looked at it. XD
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