Word search: frustration edition
Can you solve this in an hour or less?
Word search: frustration edition
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darkYuris (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
i found "gf"!
Hari Seldon (13 Feb, 2013)
Wish I had a GF.
where (13 Feb, 2013)
can you tell me where you found your gf, maybe there's one for me too
Rain Man (1 Mar, 2013)
I found 22 of them, enough for all of us!
Snow Man (1 Mar, 2013)
Even some in the word bank! Must be rich to be stickin' around in the bank
sligeokmo] (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
lvfmujf lkjjadf tr5ghjkl??
@sligeokmo (13 Feb, 2013)
challenge pending! (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
54 not word 10sec/not word = 50x10= 500 sec + 100 sec leisure= 600 sec = 10 min!
The Puzzler (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
This is just messed up. (But I want to do it)
lukus (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
It's Welsh.
Lauris O (13 Feb, 2013)
turmus (13 Feb, 2013)
Are you sure? Looked more like Czèchsky to me.
Latvian (13 Feb, 2013) Reply
Good challenge. Already found potato. And secret police.
Ricky's hand (14 Feb, 2013) Reply
This is not hard, I could do this easily within an hour .
But I won't.
start (14 Feb, 2013) Reply
3 across, 3 down, reads down: kjhj
the rest is yours
Queen Katie (15 Feb, 2013) Reply
I found all of them!
Rain Man (all words) (1 Mar, 2013) Reply
olasdjfh (2,5,S)
asdfloasjdfn (12,11,W)
oasdfnfn (1,4,S)
nfd (1,9,N) (1,11,E) (10,13,N) (11,13,S/E)
usdyf (15,6,W)
ldknf (5,12,E)
iousdfhl (14,7,S/W)
bhfusd (9,6,N)
lasdfgf (5,12,N/E)
glkdfn (10,8,S)
uaysgdbl (8,4,S)
asnvdj (12,11,S/W)
qwew (10,1,E)
iuhj (6,13,E)
bgh (4,7,S) (4,16,N/E) (8,3,W) (9,6,S/E)
trfgh (7,8,W)
oiklk (5,14,N/E)
rtgyhv (3,2,E)
mkjh (5,16,E)
frtgfgh (5,8,E)
kmhy (4,12,W)
iuikjh (14,10,N/W)
ytfghjn (7,5,S/W)
bghyjk (4,7,S)
rfgu (3,15,E)
oiuyhj (12,16,W)
fthy (10,2,S/E)
mnbv (12,5,N/E)
tyubg (11,3,W)
kjhg (4,12,S/E)
iuytghj (7,7,N)
fyhjj (10,2,S)
juhnbg (4,3,S)
uyguhjk (5,1,S/E)
nhgvg (1,11,S/E)
kuyhj (6,10,W)
nhghj (15,13,N/W)
kjhj (3,3,S) (3,7,N)
ftyhg (14,15,N)
kjuhj (3,1,E)
nhjk (4,6,N/W) (15,13,S)
kjuhuj (9,7,N/E)
gf (1,14,N/E) (3,13,S) (3,13,W) (4,8,E) (4,8,N/E) (5,4,S/E) (5,9,N) (5,15,W) (6,7,S/W) (6,7,W) (8,8,E) (9,9,N) (10,7,S/W) (10,7,N/E) (10,8,W) (13,13,S/W) (13,16,N/E) (15,3,S/W) (15,4,W) (15,5,N/W) (15,8,N) (16,6,S/W)
tgyhj (7,8,N/W)
ghjjk (7,3,W)
kjhn (1,3,S/E) (15,16,N)
gfhj (13,16,N/E)
knhvg (3,7,N/E)
hghj (6,3,S/W) (8,16,N/W) (14,12,N/W)
iouggt (13,7,S)
bhgft (15,11,S/W)
iouyj (11,16,N/E)
jhgf (2,10,N/E) (5,13,W) (15,10,N)
jgtyio (15,10,S/W)
Rain Man (1 Mar, 2013) Reply
it took me 2 hours, so I lost
Lazy (6 Jul, 2013) Reply
@rain man... Get a job...
You scrolled all the way down here? Good job! Proceed to Next >> picture?