Few ideas for bumper stickers
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hatedit (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
I want my 64 seconds back! It's a load of nonsense!
Time traveller (11 Feb, 2013)
Actually I've been to the future and It turns out that you just spend those 64 seconds scratching yourself in a place that wasn't even itching... do you still want them back?
go (11 Feb, 2013)
somewhere else. you've been saying that for the past five pictures.
Brit (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
...actually it's the 9th day in November.
ISO 8601 (11 Feb, 2013)
Actually, '/' is not a valid character in dates.
Test1 (11 Feb, 2013)
Right, but, don't you put the year first?
nice guy (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
well behaved women ARE nice to be around
too bad i live in america and i don't own a yacht or an aston martin
Nicer guy (12 Feb, 2013)
You don't?! Sux to be you, man.
Good thing I live in Europe and I own a yacht and an Aston Martin.
European (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
9/11 equals 0.(81), rednecks.
Name: (11 Feb, 2013) Reply
Does all bumper stickers in Canada look like this?
King in Canada (22 Feb, 2013)
Naw. We keep the best and give the lousy ones to the Americans.
Thirsty Pete (12 Feb, 2013) Reply
The former baby has a big window in his bumper.
Heywood Jablome (12 Feb, 2013) Reply
It's a good way to misspell OBAMA if you don't like him or his policies & the feebs who voted for him.
jajaja (13 Feb, 2013)
Ahhhhhh.... bitter dregs.
Heywood Jablome (13 Feb, 2013)
@jajaja: Thank you. At last, someone who understands.
There's a lot to be bitter about, and there will be plenty more.
That's (31 May, 2013) Reply
That calendar sticker is all kinds of screwy. Only 28 days so its obviously February. And if February first falls on a Sunday, sept 11 is a Friday not Wednesday but nov 11 would fall on a Wednesday. The calendar has been around ~2000 years. Figure it out
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