Mean bathroom ceiling sign
I wonder what was written on the old (white) sign.
Mean bathroom ceiling sign
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Offended Hipster (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
That's not nice. APOLOGIZE!!!
wow (6 Feb, 2013)
nice rhymin bro. with a fresh beat: thats-not-nice---a-po-lo-gize---thats-not-nice---a-po-lo-gize---thats-not-nice---a-po-lo-gize---thats-not-nice---a-po-lo-gize--- *utz utz utz utz utz utz utz utz-utz-utz utz utz*
appol fan (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
you mean my ipad mini?
@ appol fan (8 Feb, 2013)
ur dumm. dummb dumm dum di dum dumm di dumm dumm dumm de dummb.
Seargent Stupid (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
"the old (white) sign" looks like a vent to me.
Freddo (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
If you put up a sign like that you'd better hope someone else is in charge of cleaning the toilets, and that you dont need tips for income.
An explanation (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Proper restroom etiquette says that you never look (or speak) to another stall user next to you. You should look down at the cigarette-butt filled, half-backed-up, uric acid crusted urinal, or up toward the celling. Thus, affording some self proclaimed hipster the opportunity to make a derogatory witticisim making on ones manhood.
@An explanation (8 Feb, 2013)
Gravdigr (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
Ceiling Insult is watching you pee.
On-Wii (6 Feb, 2013) Reply
First time I heard that, first-run Lone Ranger episodes were on the radio.
Spencer (7 Feb, 2013) Reply
Lame Cliche ... Come on Eatliver, a little better than that.
No chocolate (9 Dec, 2013) Reply
No, my m&m chocolate bar is delicious, not funny!
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