McDonald's then and now
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Andrei (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
McDonalds is shit, okay. But they do manage to get fairly non-toxic stuff in their food, and most of their burgers have a clearly distinctive taste. Just sayin'
Sergei (24 Jan, 2013)
Yeah but still - you feel guilty when you eat that junkfood, right?
@Andrei (24 Jan, 2013)
Cons: not halal. Pros: no horsemeat.
So, yeah.
@ @Andrei (24 Jan, 2013)
Pros: not giving a rat's ass if it's halal, kosher or blessed by some other dude or being told by some book what not to eat and when not to eat certain things. Cons: It's still McDonalds.
@ @Andrei too (24 Jan, 2013)
What's wrong with horsemeat? I'd eat a horseburger.
halsher (24 Jan, 2013)
@(@Andrei): I'm sure they make it halal/kosher where necessary:
(visit link) .
@(@@Andrei): Not givin a cockroaches ass what/whom you listen to, either.
Lenartalot (24 Jan, 2013)
Do you know what a small horseburger is called??
A ponyburger.
Lecter (24 Jan, 2013)
I would eat an Andrei burger.
MerlinC (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
Boy I sure wish someone would make a heavily funded and biased documentary about Starbucks so people would boyvcott them when they become the popular place to hate. Try watching Fathead, then get over yourself and eat a Big Mac; you wont die.
YourCardiologist (25 Jan, 2013)
I've watched both. I wouldn't exactly call Fathead fair and accurate either. At least Supersize Me was moderately entertaining. You are right, eating *a* Big Mac won't kill you. However, eating fast food like McDonald's, or Burger King, or whatever, 8 or 10 times a week, which many people do - will kill you. You are also right about Starbucks. Drinking a Venti Caramel Macchiato every day of the week isn't doing your health any good either.
Prove me wrong (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
Pink Slime Chicken Nuggets, Ractopamine Quarter Pounder, rBGH Big Mac, Round-up Ready Lettuce, GMO tomato, HFCS soda (Aspartame diet soda if you prefer), chlorine bleached bread, MSG chicken-salted fries, all held up in a non-recyclable bisphenol plastic coated cup/wrapper. American version of this shite is exactly that!
OKay so.. (24 Jan, 2013)
Two of each please! And a shake.
Me (25 Jan, 2013)
You forgot the black helicopters, New World Order UN occupation force, and reptilian shapeshifter world leaders. Other than that, you're doing great, Chuckles.
euroCRACK (1 Nov, 2013)
exept that prove me wrong is right, and "me" is ignorant.
Latvian (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
I like their fries.
Attorney who won millions suing Subway (24 Jan, 2013) Reply
Quickly. Everyone measure the burger. It should be at least 4 inches tall, and the shortest fry should be 2 and 3/4 inches. Email me, and we can get started on gettin' some buck-a-roos.
bah (8 Jan, 2014) Reply
The food didn't halved, you just doubled your weight.
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